” We need to buy a camera for me, I want to take pictures.” ” Oh yes, WE! really need to do that. In the meantime:  what are you doing with MY camera?”  … Continue reading


” Look, the moon.  Isn’t it beautiful? I love the moon! Ouch.” Pomi grabbed the back of his neck. ” What happened?” ” I think a mosquito just bit me.” ” Oh really?… Continue reading

Whose Cats

” I don’t like your cats,” Pomi announced the other day hiding behind a row of books. ” I know you don’t but there is nothing to be afraid of and no need… Continue reading

Lost and Found

“What are you doing?”   ” I’m looking for something.” ” What kind of something?” ” The ‘accidently-deleted-files’ kind of something.” ” Oops!” Pomi looks at me, half worried half amused. ” Any… Continue reading

Simple Happiness

          Sitting in my garden and drinking coffee from a pink cup I was enjoying the waking of another beautiful spring day when Pomi’s little voice pulled me out of… Continue reading

So what if I’m short.

Pomi loves to dance. And he loves Led Zeppelin. He practices his moves regularly on my desk and it always looks like he is having a lot of fun.        … Continue reading

The War Is On

“What is going on? Are you leaving the country?”  I was sitting in my garden reading the paper when  Pomi appeared, dragging a wagon behind him. ” No, although I can’t say I… Continue reading

Too Hot

” There you are. I’ve been looking all over for you!” I found my little crochet guy lying in a makeshift hammock.             ” Why? What do you… Continue reading

A Murder of Crows

” Shut up! Be quiet already!” ” Good morning to you too. Who are you shouting at?”             ” I am trying to get the birds to shut… Continue reading

Boston Marathon Tragedy

A moment of silence