” We need to buy a camera for me, I want to take pictures.”


” Oh yes, WE! really need to do that. In the meantime:  what are you doing with MY camera?”


”  I am going  to take pictures of the supermoon.”








”  That’s a good idea. Let me help you. By the way, do you know what a supermoon is? ”  I took the camera and Pomi ran outside.

” Of course I know” he shouted as he climbed a palmtree, “so please,  no boring explanations. ”


” I’m afraid of heights,” he whispered to himself  as he climbed down again and up the bougainvillea. “There it is, look!  The supermoon. Wow, so much bigger than usual.”


” You cannot really see that with your naked eye, Pomi!”

” Whatever. It is big and it is  beautiful. The closest and largest moon of the year.  And the brightest.”