Monthly Archive: March, 2013

Looking for Locusts

” What are you wearing?” ” The closest thing to rubber boots I could find.” Pomi stomped out onto the roof wearing a pair of dolls shoes. ” Where is all the dirt… Continue reading

Operation Desert Storm

” Wow, is that a sandstorm coming?” Pomi was on the roof checking the weather. ” No, that is not a sandstorm. It is just very windy and the wind carries a lot… Continue reading

Too Cute

” It’s a beautiful day today. Can we go outside?” ” Ok, let’s go into town.” ” Yeeesss, I love to go by Strassenbahn.” ” Did you have fun last night?” Pomi and… Continue reading

Amos Oz and no Pomi

” Time to get dressed Pomi.” ” Why?” ” The reading starts in an hour.” ” What reading?” “Amos Oz’s reading.” ” You can go alone. I am not interested.” Pomi smiled. ”… Continue reading

Herta Müller and Collage Poetry

Knees drawn to his chest, Pomi sat huddled on the window sill. As I came closer I heard tiny sobs. ” Pomi?” ” Go away.” He sniveled. ” What is going on? Why… Continue reading


” … it reminds me of Masha.” “Masha?” “A bear.  She is part of a Russian travelling circus troupe and performs a tightrope act. There was a picture of her in your Time… Continue reading

Bitter Biscuits

” Are you ok? ” Pomi peeks out from behind my laptop. ” Why? ” ” You don’t look too good! ” ” Thank you. ” ” You know what I mean. ”… Continue reading