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Melancholy of a Rainy Day

Rain in May

It rained a lot the other day. Very unusual for the Middle East. Rain in May. The rain brought out the snails and my little Pomi has a good heart. He collected them… Continue reading

Dank Conditions

” SOS! Help!” Pomi was standing on the stool by the window waving a white flag. ” What are you doing?” ” Throw me a life belt! Water is pouring into the room.”… Continue reading


It was still early. I was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying my morning coffee. Outside the birds were singing. Inside everything was silent. The house was still asleep. Then suddenly… …  there… Continue reading

Mise-en-Place or Baking Baumkuchen

“Fourty days and fourty nights.” Pomi was standing by the window looking out at the rain that had been pouring for days. I don’t think it is going to stop any time soon… Continue reading

A Snail in the House

” Look!” Pomi shouted and his little voice sounded excited.  “Look what I found!”  He pointed at the opening in the wall where we had planned to put a cat flap and never… Continue reading


It rained for a long time and Pomi spent most of the morning looking outside. “Would you like some cake?” “Ok.” “Pink cake?” Pomi looked at me unsure.   “Pink cake, a pink… Continue reading


“Good morning Pomi!” “Good morning!” “Did you sleep well?” “Yes.” “The rain banging on the roof did not wake you up?” “Rain?” Pomi jumped out of the cradle and headed towards the window.… Continue reading