Monthly Archive: August, 2012

Pomi the Poet

“And? Are you ready?” Pomi was sitting high up on my dress form conquering my attention.   ” How did you get up there?” I asked. ” Why do you want to know?”… Continue reading

While Pomi was …

While Pomi was fast asleep I  finished a few sewing projects and went to bed. I expected to find him still asleep when I walked into my work room the next morning but… Continue reading

New Sheets

“Ok, I will make new sheets for you.” “You will make them? Good. I get to choose the fabric! No pink, no red or purple, no flowers, no cartoon characters, no ……” I… Continue reading

When I walked i…

When I walked into my workroom the next morning Pomi was not on my desk where I had left him.  I looked around but  could not see him anywhere.  I let my eyes… Continue reading

“Why don’t yo…

“Why don’t you start a blog?’ my friend Michaela asked me not too long ago. It was a beautiful summer morning and we were having breakfast at her favorite cafe when she once… Continue reading