Monthly Archive: April, 2013

A Murder of Crows

” Shut up! Be quiet already!” ” Good morning to you too. Who are you shouting at?”             ” I am trying to get the birds to shut… Continue reading

Boston Marathon Tragedy

A moment of silence


In the middle of the night I wake up because I think I felt something moving. I grab the flashlight I keep on my nightstand, switch it on and there is Pomi! Clambering… Continue reading

Be Yourself

Pomi  likes to disguise himself. ” Why not blend in. Not draw attention to ourselves?” ” It may be difficult in your case.” ” Why?” ” You are very short. “ ” Thank… Continue reading

Pomi of Arabia

”  Look.  Another duststorm!” Pomi was clinging to the banister wrapped in white fabric. ” What’s with that outfit? Are you wearing my curtains again?” ” No.” ” What did you cut to… Continue reading