Pomi of Arabia

”  Look.  Another duststorm!” Pomi was clinging to the banister wrapped in white fabric.


” What’s with that outfit? Are you wearing my curtains again?”

” No.”

” What did you cut to pieces this time? ”

” I don’t know. You’ve got so much fabric lying around I bet you do not even remember you had this. ”


” Probably not, Lawrence.”

” Who is Lawrence? ”

” Lawrence of Arabia. A British army officer. They made a movie about him many, many years ago. The way you’re dressed you look just like him. ”

” I was going to dress up as an Easter bunny.”

” Why not an Easter egg? ”

” Very funny. Let me remind you, that I didn’t get a single Easter egg.”

” The weather puts me in a bad mood.”










” Oh, I hadn’t noticed. Does it make you forgetful as well? ”

” I have had enough of this sand. It is everywhere. ” I put Pomi on the canopy swing next to one of my cats. ” What’s Easter to you anyway?”


” Are you out of your mind. I hate the cats.” I picked my little crochet darling up again and we went back inside.


” I love chocolate, that’s what Easter is to me, ” Pomi said and he did look unhappy.


” Get out of that outfit already.”  I said, sounding rather harsh.

” Alright, alright, but  just because you don’t like the weather does not mean you have to shout at me.” Pomi climbed out of his white gown .

” It is hot in here. Turn the AC on.”







I tried but it did not work.

” No electricity. Power outage. What are we going to do?”
” I don’t know what you are going to do. I am going to  sleep. Hopefully when I wake up you will be in a better mood. And by the way. You owe me an Easter egg. Milk chocolate.”