Be Yourself

Pomi  likes to disguise himself.

” Why not blend in. Not draw attention to ourselves?”

” It may be difficult in your case.”

” Why?”

” You are very short. “

” Thank you for rubbing that in.”

” You asked.  I answered. Why do you want to blend in anyway?”

” When in Rome do as the Romans do.”

” I see. But  even in Rome you should be true to yourself. Don’t try to be something you are not just to please others.” 

” How do you like this little cap?” Pomi smiled.

” It has got nothing to do with what I like or don’t like. Wearing a cap like that is not who you are. So take it off.”

” I think it is cute.”  My little crochet darling showed me a very small skullcap.


” Pomi!”

” I don’t want to be different! People may not like me if I am .”

” If you want to wear it because you like it, that is fine. But if you want to wear it in order to please others then don’t. Be who you are and be true to yourself.”


” We are all different Pomi, no two people are exactly alike. And we should be kind to one another regardless of the way a person dresses, walks, speaks or thinks. Why don’t you tell me  what gave you the ides that you had to fit in or adapt or whatever one would want to call it.”


” I don’t know, I  read something in the paper.”
” What did you read?”
” I don’t remember.”

”  I think we better make sure you read a different paper.”