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After a Long Day

“Do you want to come with me?” It was six o’clock in the morning and I was preparing to leave the house for a day of job hunting. “No thanks. Look outside. It… Continue reading

Simple Happiness

          Sitting in my garden and drinking coffee from a pink cup I was enjoying the waking of another beautiful spring day when Pomi’s little voice pulled me out of… Continue reading

Happy Valentine!!!

‘ I wonder if Pomi is up already.’  Walking home from yoga class I am thinking about how to plan the day.  Maybe Pomi and I could go on a bike ride, something… Continue reading

New Clothes

” I have got a surprise for you my little crochet doll.” ” Would it be too much to ask not to call me crochet doll. My name is Pomi.” ” Oh I… Continue reading


It rained for a long time and Pomi spent most of the morning looking outside. “Would you like some cake?” “Ok.” “Pink cake?” Pomi looked at me unsure.   “Pink cake, a pink… Continue reading


You should have seen Heike the other day all excited holding a hand of ginger up and asking everyone: “Did you see this?”  ‘This’ was a tiny green shoot that had started to… Continue reading