New Clothes

” I have got a surprise for you my little crochet doll.”

” Would it be too much to ask not to call me crochet doll. My name is Pomi.”

” Oh I am sorry, I had no idea you don’t like to be called …” I did not finish the sentence.

Pomi was sitting on the floor getting dressed.


” Now you know! ” He said while trying to put his shirt on. “What is the surprise?”

” I made you a new shirt.”

” You call that a surprise? ” Pomi  put his shirt down. “You promised me a new shirt some time ago.”  I handed him a grey shirt with pink border. Pomi looked at it.  “Did I not say I do not like pink? There is pink here.”


” Just a little. The next shirt will be pink-free.  Promise! But the shirt is not the surprise. Look over there.” Pomi  turned his head into the direction I pointed. He was silent for a while.
” What are those things?”

” Those are winter clothes. We are going away for a couple of days. ”

Pomi  got up and approached the clothes that I had spread out on the floor, a little jacket, a matching hat, a scarf and warm shoes.


He  still did not say a word and just looked at the things.

Then he took the scarf, wrapped it around his neck,
















grabbed the hat, put it on his head and said:

” How do I look?”
“Cute as a button.”

“What?” Pomi sounded alarmed.

” You look very handsome.” I corrected myself and Pomi smiled:  “And where are we going?”