Monthly Archive: September, 2014

Saturday is Laundry Day

“I’m going downstairs to the laundry room, are you coming?” “Can’t you go alone?” Pomi came crawling out from behind a flowerpot. “Of course I can go alone. What are you doing there?… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Summer Is Over

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance Prickly Pears

Strange Noises

When I came home my crocheted treasure was waiting by the door sitting on one of our suitcases.  “I packed. We’re moving out! I hate this place. Old furniture, odd smells hanging in… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity On the inside we are all alike.

The new home

“Time to get up.”     “ No!!! I don’t want to. I’m staying in bed and I am staying here!” “ You will have to get up. We are moving today. ”… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!