Saturday is Laundry Day

“I’m going downstairs to the laundry room, are you coming?”

“Can’t you go alone?” Pomi came crawling out from behind a flowerpot.


“Of course I can go alone. What are you doing there? Hiding?”

“Not really, just trying different spots. In case we have to hide. I mean in case I have to hide.




“From the rats. You don’t understand because you can’t hide, you are too big.” Pomi chuckled.

“Very funny, thank you my darling. Anyway, the exterminator was here. The slater was here. The problem is being taken care of.”

“All they did so far was carrying out a couple of corpses and seal that door. It sure looks ugly. And I can still hear the rats at night. They make very noisy neighbours.”


“So what do you think, when will the rats disappear?”










“I don’t know. Soon I hope. You know the slater said that…” I answered and turned around. Pomi was gone.

“Now what? Pomi? Where are you?”

“Here!” I heard his little voice but could not see him.

“Not on the floor, up here!” He giggled and there was my little crochet doll dangling from a washing line.


“How did you get up there?”

“Does it matter? And why would I tell you? You can’t do this anyway. You are too ….”







“Yes, I know, I am too big, thank you.”

“Did you read this?” Pomi had climbed the laundry room door and was sitting on the handle now reading out the note on the door.


“What does ‘Samstag, 2.Stock links’ mean?”

“Saturday, second floor, left.”

“Alright then start taking down your things. ‘Second floor, right’ is on Monday.”

“I talked to our neighbour.  She prefers Mondays.”
“Alright.” Pomi hopped to the floor.

“Where are you going?”

“I want to see if there are any rats down here. Someone has to take care of things, don’t you think?”