Monthly Archive: February, 2013

The Ropes

The other day I bought a skipping rope because I liked its cute wooden character handles. I left the rope on my desk and as soon as Pomi  saw it he introduced himself.… Continue reading

Happy Valentine!!!

‘ I wonder if Pomi is up already.’  Walking home from yoga class I am thinking about how to plan the day.  Maybe Pomi and I could go on a bike ride, something… Continue reading

Picky Pomi

The birds woke me up. They  wake me up every morning,  cheerfully chirping and singing , the parakeets’  screeching, sounding like someone having an argument.  I opened my eyes and much to my… Continue reading


“The veggies are here.” Something  came clambering up the stairs. The door to my workroom opened and in walked Pomi. ” I paid him.” ” You paid who?” ” I paid the delivery… Continue reading