Happy Valentine!!!


‘ I wonder if Pomi is up already.’  Walking home from yoga class I am thinking about how to plan the day.  Maybe Pomi and I could go on a bike ride, something I promised my little darling some time ago. I reach our building, enter and order the lift. It arrives silently. I get in, press third floor and am being taken upstairs. Floor number three is dark and quiet. I fumble for my keys , find them and I open the door. My three cats are there to greet me  but I do not see Pomi anywhere. He must still be asleep. Maybe he is avoiding the cats because he hates them. He is probably hiding. I search his favorite spots. Nothing. Not even inside the fruit basket.

I decide to look for him upstairs. I have a feeling something is going on, I just do not know what it is. I walk down the hall and as I reach the staircase my suspicions are being confirmed.  Tied to the banister with pink ribbon is a bunch of pink Persian Buttercup and scattered on the steps are pink petals.


I smile. This is Pomi’s work.  I know my little crochet guy. I walk up the stairs carefully avoiding to step on the petals.  Upstairs there are more petals and another bunch of flowers is tied to the door of my workroom.

pomiwat 266








One of my cats is sniffing the petals obviously confused by the pink splendor.


Again I smile and I am certain now that when I open the door there will be some surprise waiting for me. Not a sound is coming from inside my room. I slowly remove the flowers from the door handle, press it down, gently pull the door open, and there,  in the center of the room, the little knight is standing behind a poster that reads:  ‘Happy Valentine’  and there are more flowers.


While I am standing there speechless my Pomi steps forward from behind the poster. Carrying a pink bouquet and smiling his biggest smile he proclaims: “Happy Valentine to you.”


I am touched. I am moved. I do not know what to say.

” I know Valentine is all about red roses”, Pomi says, ” but I also know how much you love pink so I made adjustments. ‘Happy Pink Valentine’ to you.”

“Oh, come here my little gentleman.” I sit down on the floor, pick Pomi up and put him on my knees.

“That was a wonderful surprise and you made me very happy.  Thank you! I love you my little darling.”

And Cotton Pomi says nothing. He just smiles.