The Ropes

The other day I bought a skipping rope because I liked its cute wooden character handles.


I left the rope on my desk and as soon as Pomi  saw it he introduced himself.

” Who are you? Tied up twins? Let me help you out of this mess. I am Pomi.”


“Left and Right. I am Left and he is Right.” Came the answer and a synchronized smile. ” We are the Ropes.”

” Oh really? ” Pomi  giggled.
” You think that’s funny, Mr.Pomi?”

“Oh no, Mr. Left!” Pomi chuckled. ” Not at all. There, now you are free.  What are you doing in my room by the way? And why are you constantly smiling? ”

“We don’t know what we are doing here.” Left and Right replied in sonorous chorus  giving Pomi a cross eyed grin.  My little crochet guy looked  baffled for a moment.

” Something wrong with your eyes, isn’t there?  Not that it matters, I was  just wondering.  Anyway, it’s nice to have company.  We could do something together.  Let’s go outside.”

” We can’t!” Mr. Right and Mr. Left wailed in unison.

” Oh I see, no legs. Let me help you. ” Pomi took the two wooden fellows one under each arm and carried them outside.

There he took the  rope, threw Mr. Right in the air over the frame of the canopy swing,  tied the rope  and pulled.


Mr. Right went up , dangling in the air and Pomi climbed the rope, leaving Mr.Left dangling at the bottom.






























”  Are you two having fun? ” There was no answer. ” I take that as a no.” Pomi decided, ” Let’s build a swing then.” and he tied Mr. Left and Mr. Right together.


” Ok?” he asked.

” We can handle it.” replied the wooden twins and soon Pomi was swinging happily on the Ropes






























who unperturbed, maintained their identically bespectacled grins.