Bitter Biscuits


” Are you ok? ” Pomi peeks out from behind my laptop.

” Why? ”

” You don’t look too good! ”


” Thank you. ”

” You know what I mean. ”


” I guess.”

” What happened? ”









” I am having a bad day. The flooring technician stood me up. ”

” Oh.”


” I called the company to find out what was going on. ”

” And? ”

” I got hung up on? ”

” What? ”


“The lady on the phone hung up on me. ”

” Why? ”

” She did not answer my questions so I told her to put me through to the person in charge.  She hung up instead. ”

” You ARE having a bad day!”

Pomi looks at me for a while and then, without saying a word, he climbs down the table and up the kitchen counter. He puts the kettle on

pomiwat295 heads for the pantry and  rummages  around a bit.


He comes back out with my favorite tea and a bag of amaretti,  puts a tea bag in my favorite mug, adds hot water and smiles:



” No thank you my darling, no sugar.”

“Ok, as you wish. Enjoy your tea. And have one of these.”  Pomi offers me a biscuit and takes one himself. He sits down on my laptop and starts nibbling.

” These are a bit bitter, don’t you think? ”


” Of course they are.  Amaro is the Italian word for bitter.”

“And ?’

” Amaretti means something like ‘little bitter things” and they are often made with apricot kernels  which  can be strong tasting and bitter . I think the amaretti  we are having right now were made with apricot kernels. When  made with almonds they tend to taste a lot better.”

Pomi puts his biscuit down.

” We could keep  them for the reliable flooring technician.  Should he finally show up, we can offer him bitter biscuits and an insipid cup of coffee.” Pomi contemplates while balancing on my laptop.


” My little tightrope artist, we don’t …” I want to object but Pomi interrupts me, ” Tightrope? That reminds me… ”