Monthly Archive: January, 2013

Beach Boy

” And we’re off to the beach! ” Pomi  came running down the hall, climbed on the table, jumped and landed in my bag. ” Do not zip me up.” He said while… Continue reading

Mise-en-Place or Baking Baumkuchen

“Fourty days and fourty nights.” Pomi was standing by the window looking out at the rain that had been pouring for days. I don’t think it is going to stop any time soon… Continue reading

Oppan Gangnam Style…

I had been busy running errands all morning and had left Pomi in my work room. He had not wanted to accompany me packed away in my bag again: ‘Enough bag travelling for… Continue reading

A Donkey …

” You should tidy your desk.” Pomi was sitting on the stand of my lamp looking displeased. ” Why?” ” Your desk is a mess.” ” And that bothers you?” ” Yes.” ”… Continue reading