Oppan Gangnam Style…

I had been busy running errands all morning and had left Pomi in my work room. He had not wanted to accompany me packed away in my bag again: ‘Enough bag travelling for a while ‘,  he had commented. When I got back home I heard  unexpected sounds coming from upstairs, from my workroom. I hurried up the steps and when I opened the door the noise was almost deafening. Little Pomi was on my desk, and he did not seem to mind what only yesterday he had called a mess. There alongside paper and pencils he was dancing frantically to a very familiar tune that came blasting out of my laptop.




” Pomi, can you turn that down?”

Pomi looked at me from behind a pair of black sunglasses and kept on moving to the music.


” Pomi!” I shouted. “Turn that down.”

My little crochet guy took off the sunglasses.


” Anything in particular you want or did you just come in here to interrupt?”

“Well I heard the noise and I thought…”

” The noise, as you call it, is the biggest song of 2012.” Pomi informed me turning down the volume.

” Which ended a couple of days ago. ”

” Precisely. There goes an international sensation,  the most watched video on You Tube. ”

” And it did have its effect on you too. You don’t usually dance like that.”

” And you don’t usually intrude like that. Everyone the world over went crazy over this song , why should I be any different?”
” Or why shouldn’t you? Do you like the song?”

” I think I do, it is fun and makes you want to dance. So please do not disturb me for I want to continue my research on the most popular song of 2012 which even influenced political activism, advocated the freedom of expression and so on. I wonder though. What was being expressed in that song? Apparently quiet a lot from what I understand but I wonder if any of the millions and millions of people who have been dancing to this song like crazy, if any of those people have any idea of what is being said.”

” Probably not. Who speaks Korean?  I think for most people this song is just about having fun and dancing a silly dance to a catchy tune.”

” The world over.  It is odd though, isn’t it. And it makes you wonder.  About mass hysteria and things like that.” Pomi put the sunglasses back on and turned the volume up again .



“But then you know”, it’s just a song, so I might as well…”   and he went back to moving his little body to that popular song chanting as he went:



” Oppan Gangnam Style,

Gangnam Style …”