A Donkey …

” You should tidy your desk.” Pomi was sitting on the stand of my lamp looking displeased.


” Why?”

” Your desk is a mess.”

” And that bothers you?”

” Yes.”

” I don’t think it is any of your business.”

” I might trip over a pen  or a crochet hook and hurt myself.”

” You don’t have to be on my desk, and if this so called mess  bothers you  then why don’t you tidy it up?” I challenged the little nuisance.

” You can’t be serious?” Pomi peered at me squinting.

” Why not?  And why are you squinting your eyes? Don’t look at me like that. Go outside and play.”

Shooting me an angry look Pomi  slowly got off the foot of the lamp and carefully climbed over pens and paper. He had no idea that there was a surprise waiting for him.


” Wow, there is a donkey outside.” An excited Pomi came running back into my room.

” I saw a donkey outside.” He said again.

” A donkey?” I tried to sound surprised.

” Yes, donkey,  jackass,  beast of burden .” Pomi exclaimed running back outside.


He  slowly approached  the animal, carefully inspecting it from all sides:

” Hi.” He addressed the stuffed creature.


The donkey just stood there, placidly silent.


” You got here just in time, Mr. Donkey.” Pomi  continued. “That lady over there wanted to force me to do some very hard work. But I am more of a leisure person really.”

And he mounted the donkey ,


Imagealmost fell off but managed to prevent an accident by holding on to the donkey’s mane. Looking at me with a big grin he said:

” Have a splendid day tidying your mess.”