About Spit Cake and Other Things

After a couple of days temperatures rose again, the sun came out and the snow started to melt.


It was time for Pomi and me to go back to the Mediterranean.

” Tell me, my little crochet darling. What…?”

Pomi did not let me finish my sentence. “Why do you always have to refer to my height?”

” I didn’t! It is just something you say to someone you love,  a term of endearment, ‘ my little… ‘. It has nothing to do with height.  Almost nothing.”

” Hmm.” Pomi looked at me pensively.

” Let us talk about the past couple of days, Pomi.  You saw many new things. What did you like best?”

” I loved the Christmas market. pomiwat173

The merry-go-round,

the ornaments  and gifts!pomiwat167pomiwat169

And the food! So much candy!


Everything was so beautiful.

But you had to stuff me in your bag again, didn’t you?”

” I did it because it snowed.”

” It had been snowing almost all day.”

” You are right but suddenly it was snowing heavily and I saw your jacket and hat were getting rather wet and so I decided it was for the better if you were in the bag.  Safely I might add.”


” I am sure I missed a lot.”
” Not really. Soon after I put you in the bag I went home because the snow froze on the ground and walking became rather dangerous.”

”  Well I did not really  mind being in the bag for once.  I did enjoy the spit cake you had bought at one of the stalls.”

” You did not have to finish it all.”

” You could have bought a bit more.” Pomi smiled. “Now back to what I liked here. The snow of course , which you know already. Can you tell me why there were  people walking around with sticks, their gaze fixed firmly ahead.”


” Those were Nordic Walkers. What they do is called Nordic Walking, it is a fitness technique. You walk with poles in order to build greater total body fitness with less stress.”

” I prefer walking without poles.”

” You do not walk. You climb most of the time.” pomiwat182

” What are trees for if not for climbing? Or fences for that matter.” pomiwat171

” You could have fallen off  the fence right into that pond.”

“Which was frozen. Nothing would have happened to me you scared lady.”

” Ok, I guess you have a point.”
”  And the tree I climbed because I thought I would be able to see the sunset better.”


” And did you?”

” I don’t know.”





Pomi looked at me. ” Can’t we stay a little longer.”

” No, we cannot, my plane ticket is for tomorrow.”

” I do not have a ticket?”

” You do not need one.”

” Why is that?” Pomi looked at me squinting his eyes.

” You do not need a ticket because…” I could not finish the sentence.

” … because I am small. I demand more spit cake. You hurt my feelings. Again. I will forgive you though if you bake a spit cake when we get back.  Although if it snowed really hard we would have to stay here  because there would not be any outgoing flights, right?”

” There would be no flights at all.  But it is not snowing and we will leave tomorrow.”
” I could make a phone call.”

” Who would you call and what about?”

” To wish for snow.”

” Well I am afraid that kind of wish you will not make come true by making a phone call.”

” I guess not.” Pomi looked at the telephone. I think he was sad.


” I shall call it a night,” my little crochet guy finally said, slipped under the covers and went to sleep.