Snow kept falling  over the next couple of days and the world turned a silent white.


We spent a lot of time indoors. Pomi made friends


pomiwat161    pomiwat160


and enjoyed homemade cookies


yet most of the time he spent by the window looking outside. He was fascinated by the beauty of winter.












One morning as he was sitting on his favorite spot looking out into the garden I heard him whispering.  As I  came closer I realized that he was singing.




“What?” Pomi startled. “Why are you sneaking up on me like that?” He said and looked at me with deliberate reproach. “You of all people should know better. You hate it when someone is standing behind you watching you. ”

”  I am sorry. I did not mean to scare you. I heard you singing and I wanted to listen.”

“Announce yourself next time.”

“Ok, so tell me, what song was that you were singing just now?”

“Tumbalanation.” Pomi mumbled.

” Can you sing it to me?”

” But you know it. You sing it all the time.”

” I do?”

” Yes, you do. Tublanation,  tumablenation…” Pomi sang quietly and now I recognized the melody.

“Oh, ‘Tombe la Neige’. The French song?”


I had to pull myself together  not to burst out laughing. He was too cute my little Pomi.

” That is a very old song and I always liked it. Whenever it snows I remember it. Let me teach you the words and translate them for you:

“Tombe la neige

snow is falling

tu ne viendras pas ce soir

you won’t come tonight

tombe le neige

snow is falling

et mon coeur s’habille de noir

and my heart is dressed in black.”

“Those are very sad words.”

“I suppose so.”

“Why do you like such a sad song?”

” It is a beautiful song.”

“Yes. But I think I prefer my own version.”

Pomi turned back towards the window. He continued to watch the white silence and as I walked out of the room I heard Pomi’s little voice singing his version of the winter ballad again:

” Tumbalanation…”