Snow at last

Pomi’s prayers were answered and  the next morning a thick blanket of snow covered the world outside.

I tried to wake my little crochet doll: “Pomi!”

” What? I am tired. I want to sleep.”

“Are you sure?”

Pomi peeked  from under the blanket out of the window where the day was slowly rising over a winter wonderland. He did not say a word for a while and then:



My crochet doll jumped up, rushed to the window and stood there for a long time staring outside mesmerized by the beauty of the snowy morning. Finally he turned around and left the room.

” I have to go outside!”he said clambering up the stairs as fast as he could.


” Do you need help?” I offered.

” No, I am fine. Just bring me my things please. ”

I brought him his warm clothes. He slipped into his jacket, put on shoes, hat, and scarf and ran outside.

It had stopped snowing for a while. As soon as he was on the balcony Pomi slowed down. He carefully went to the banister and leaned against it. The way he was standing there he seemed a bit unsure of himself.


” Everything ok?” I inquired.

” Sure. ” Pomi answered casually looking down into the garden.


He turned around to me then again towards the garden and before I realized what he was about to do he was sitting in the flower pot.


” Are you out of your mind?” I screamed at my crochet darling. “That is dangerous. You cannot jump off the balcony like that.”

” Well it is obvious that you are wrong,  again I might say. I can and I did jump off the balcony and landed in the flower pot. It was a perfectly safe jump. Maybe you cannot do that because you are always afraid. But I can and I will.” Pomi jumped into the snow and slowly walked towards the end of the garden.


“This is a lot of snow.”  He called out.

” Well I guess that depends on how you look at it.”

” Are you making fun of me? I may not be the tallest but the snow is high and it is not easy to walk in it.”

Pomi walked back towards me.


” Look. Snow angel.”


He threw himself on the ground and moved  his arms and legs. He appeared to be really happy but after a while he said:

” I am getting cold. My clothes are not waterproof.  Can we go inside ?”

I took a shivering Pomi back inside, peeled him out of his wet jacket and shoes and put him on the radiator.  pomiwat154

” Sit here until you are warm and dry again.” Pomi did not object and indeed spent a long time sitting on the radiator looking out of the window  admiring the magic of winter. pomiwat153