“The veggies are here.” Something  came clambering up the stairs. The door to my workroom opened and in walked Pomi.


” I paid him.”

” You paid who?”

” I paid the delivery person.” Pomi was standing in front of me, 24 cm height, 100% confidence.


” You had money?”

” I took it from your wallet.”

” You took my wallet out of my bag and helped yourself to some money?”

” You make it sound like I did something wrong.  Someone had to pay the guy. I knew you would not hear him ring, and you didn’t. You are always busy.  That’s why I prepared the money in advance, took it out of your purse earlier and  put it on the kitchen table because today is Tuesday and your veggies are being delivered Tuesdays.”


” Ok. I guess I should thank you then, my little darling. But what did he say? The delivery guy I mean. Did he say anything?”

” Nothing.”

” Nothing? Wasn’t he surprised to see you?

” He did not see me. I hid in the fruit basket and  just shouted ‘the money is on the table’.”


” How did he get in?”

” I had unlocked the front door so he could let himself in.”

” Pomi, you know that just about anyone could have walked in and robbed the apartment.”

” No, no one could have walked in because I was sitting inside the fruit basket guarding the house. And as for the veggie delivery person, he took his money and that was it.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that. He did seem rather confused  though and looked around  but when he did not see anyone he just took the money and left.”

” Pomi please promise me that you will not let anyone in again without telling me, ok?”

” Maybe.” Pomi mumbled and then added: ” Why do you have your vegetables delivered to your door? Can’t you go shopping like other people? Is there no greengrocer around here?”

“There is, but having the vegetables delivered to your door is much more convenient.”
” Why don’t you have all your groceries delivered to your door then?”

“That’s different. The supermarket always has lots of special offers which I would miss if I did not go there.”

” And they may have special offers on vegetables too.”

“Yes, but who wants to buy vegetables in the supermarket. They are not nearly as fresh as the ones I get and they are not organic. I do not want to eat chemical laden vegetables.”

” Aha! Fresh and organic?” Pomi looked at me thoughtfully.

” Yes, the veggies I receive every week are picked  and packed on the same day they are delivered, and they are grown organically. Which is why I order them in the first place. Also what’s in the box changes every week, so I get a veggie surprise every week. I am in veggie heaven each time a box arrives.”

” But there are always tomatoes and cucumbers in the box, aren’t there?”

“Yes, there are a few standard vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers that are in the box every week but other than that it depends on what’s in season.”

” Ok, let me see, what was in season this week? Pomi started to inspect the vegetables. “An impeccably white cauliflower.”


” Organic farming relies on healthy rich soil to produce strong plants that resist pests and diseases.” I felt the need to explain.

“Strong maybe, but certainly not perfect. Just look at these.” With an unsure look on his face Pomi showed me the organic carrots. ”


” Misshapen, knobbly, wonky: seasonable carrots for you.” pomiwat248

” Oh, if you are looking for perfection, look at these!” I pointed at the tomatoes. ” Let me remind you though that a perfect shape does not guarantee good flavor. On the contrary, the perfect looking supermarket veggies very often lack flavor.”

” Sleek tomatoes.” Pomi smiled as he looked at the standard vegetables. ” Flawless cucumbers. And a picture perfect but very dirty cabbage. Do you get a discount for accepting vegetables with lots of sand on them? ” My crochet doll chuckled.


” Let me see what else you got? Kohlrabi, Swiss chard, potatoes, spring onions, celery…”


” And cilantro.” I interrupted my crochet doll. ” Your favorite.”

” Alright!!” Pomi exclaimed and grabbed the bunch of cilantro. ” Let me wash it. And then you will make a salad. Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green peppers and…”

” I know.” I interrupted my tiny friend. “Lots of cilantro.”