Strange Noises

When I came home my crocheted treasure was waiting by the door sitting on one of our suitcases. pomiwat1026

“I packed. We’re moving out! I hate this place. Old furniture, odd smells hanging in every corner and the noise at night! I haven’t slept since we moved in here. The walls are alive. Haven’t you noticed?”

“I did notice sounds coming from the eaves. But don’t exaggerate. It’s probably just a stone marten. They love old buildings, attics and eaves and they do make rumbling noises.”

“And you think they are cute, don’t you? I did not hear any rumbling noises though. I heard the sound of tiny feet scratching and scurrying about. I would say: rats.”

“Nonsense, just because we saw the trap in the eaves cupboard when we moved in does not mean there actually is a problem. Our landlady took precautions. She is in the Philippines and probably wanted to make sure that…”

“That what?” Pomi interrupted me. “Some poor creature would get trapped, die a slow and painful death and be left to rot while she was travelling the world? She put a cage trap there. Why? Because she is an animal lover? Who would have freed the marten, squirrel or rat? By the way, did anyone tell you there was a need to set up traps? Did anyone mention martens, rats or anything to you?”


“I was rather surprised when I saw the trap. But if there was a problem she would have told me, I am sure.”
“Stop being naïve. Not everyone is kind. Face the facts: no one told you anything, neither the landlady nor the estate agent, the neighbours or the Bauverein. And what about that smell that is coming from the eaves cupboard. Look, there is a bottle of air-freshener right here, by the door. Magnolia and cherry blossom scent.


Coincidence? Nope, someone was apparently trying to get rid of the nasty smell. Did you not notice that smell when you saw the apartment?”

“No. The windows were open. “

“Anyway, we are moving out, unless, of course you take care of the problem. Call the “Lübecker Bauverein”. You may just be the subtenant but you have to contact them and tell them that there is a problem and we are in danger.”

“Stop being over dramatic. We are not in danger!”

“OK, I’m in danger and we have to make sure that whatever lives behind that door will not come out. ”

And while I was searching for the phone number Pomi took matters into his own hands.