The new home

“Time to get up.”    pomiwat1019

“ No!!! I don’t want to. I’m staying in bed and I am staying here!”

“ You will have to get up. We are moving today. ”


“ You’re telling me now?”







“ You knew we were going to move.”

“Yes, but….”

“No buts, hurry. The taxi will be here in an hour.”

“ We are probably the only people who live out of two suitcases  and move all the time.” Pomi mumbled to himself.

“ Anything wrong over there?” pomiwat1014

My little crochet guy did not answer. Half an hour later he was sitting in my suitcase.


“ You are not ready yet.”

“ I am. I just need to close this, so if you don’t mind, get out of the suitcase and hop into my bag.”

When we arrived at the new address my cotton treasure jumped out of the taxi and ran towards our new home.

“ Is this it?” he shouted.









“Yes Pomi, it is.”

“ Are you sure this is not a mistake?”

“Very sure. This is the address. I was here last week.’














“ Wooow!!! We are going to live HERE?”

“ Yes we are, for the next five and a half months.”

“ Gracious living. And beautiful roses!”