Pomi and Nutella

” What are you reading?”
“The paper. ”

“This is not a paper. ”

” You are right, it is not. It is a newsmagazine. ”

“Can I read it? ”

” Feel free. ”   Pomi took the magazine and flipped through the pages.

“There is nothing in here? ”

” Are you sure?”

” Yes I am sure. Nothing that interests me. Politics, scandals. Infidelity. Tibet. The archbishop of Canterbury. Indian football. Those things do not interest me. At all.”

“What would you like to read about Pomi?”

” I dont’ know. ”

Pomi  kept flipping through the magazine.

” Found something!” He suddenly exclaimed. ” Look at this picture. A starling murmaration. Starlings moving in mass formation.Wow! And wait a minute, here is something else. About Nutella. I love Nutella.  Ferrero  France are not planning to change the Nutella recipe. Of course not. Just because of the proposed ‘fat tax’ in France the recipe need not be changed. Gourmets don’t count calories. Nutella is perfect the way it is.”

Pomi put down the magazine and looked at me.

“Are you done reading the paper?”

”  No, but we can share. What do you like?  World news? Culture? Sports? ”

” What is that ?” Pomi had climbed up the armrest of the chair I was sitting in and peeked at the page I had been reading.

” Cartoons.”

“Give me that!”  Pomi grabbed the newspaper.

” That is the sports section though.” My newspaper in his little hand Pomi climbed down the chair and onto the stool where he spread out the paper and and lay flat on it.  He looked at the cartoons and giggled.

“This is funny. Woodstock telling snoopy about eating a worm and pretending it was turkey.  Speaking of food , I am hungry. But I don’t feel like turkey.”  Pomi got up and jumped off the stool.

“I am going downstairs. I am going to have some Nutella.”