You should have seen Heike the other day all excited holding a hand of ginger up and asking everyone: “Did you see this?”  ‘This’ was a tiny green shoot that had started to spout at the tip of one of the fingers  of a ginger root.  Big deal but Heike was happy and she broke the finger off the hand, put it in a pot of soil,  and every day carefully watered the tiny plant that was growing fast.  When she hosed down the windows the other morning she must have forgotten all about the ginger shoot because the hose brushed over the flower pot  and  broke off the shoot. Oops. Heike looked sad but I dare say:  served her right for she said I gained weight which I didn’t…  You think I am exaggerating? I should get over myself?

    Anyway now the shoot is broken and I know Heike is upset. I saw her face when it happened. I  always watch her closely.  She was almost in tears.  Women. I asked her if she was ok and she said yes, but honestly I did not believe her. She was sad and I hate sadness. Which is why I decided to plant another root. By now each finger on each  hand of ginger Heike is hoarding downstairs has grown shoots. So much for  buying ahead.

I will leave the broken shoot in the soil, who knows, maybe it will somehow keep growing. Miracles happen. God is almighty. You don’t believe in God? Your problem. 

I am not going to use Heike’s pink gardening tools though, this shovel will do just fine. Yellow. A nice color.

They call me Mellow Yellow? Banana peels?  No, just a nice song.

“… they were all yellow…? ”  What was? The stars were of course.  Coldplay. Don’t you ever listen to the radio?

 There! Done. What do you think?  Green is the color