I went upstairs early. I wanted  to hose down the windows before breakfast.  Through the glass I saw Pomi. He was sitting on the stool  looking out of the window, munching away on a little bag of chocolate raisins. I put down the hose and walked into my room to great him.

” Good morning my little crochet doll. You’re up early!”

He did not answer and  just kept staring outside.

” What are you doing up so already? Would you perhaps like some breakfast?  Chocolate is not what you should be eating.  Not this early in the morning.  Let me make you a nice, healthy breakfast. ”

Pomi remained silent and kept looking straight ahead every now and then  putting a raisin in his mouth and chewing loudly.

” Pomi! I know you are not deaf so please answer me.”

Without looking at me Pomi said: ” I am deaf to your voice. I do not want to hear you.”

“What did I do?”

” Up one size!”

” But you did….!”

” No!”

” But I …”

” No!” He was silent again looking out the window pretending to be absorbed in what was going on out  there. I remained standing at the door wondering what to do. Should I leave him with his chocolate raisins or make him a nutritious breakfast?

” Tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and green peppers.” Pomi said, still looking out the window.

“Oh, so you do want breakfast!”

Pomi nodded. I turned around to head for the kitchen. Half way down the stairs  I heard Pomi’s little voice shouting after me:

” And lots of cilantro.”