Simple Happiness







Sitting in my garden and drinking coffee from a pink cup I was enjoying the waking of another beautiful spring day when Pomi’s little voice pulled me out of my thoughts.





” Are you happy?”

” Define happiness!”

” Looking the way you do right now.”

” That’s it?” pomiwat549Pomi looked at me, confused.

“What do you mean? ”

” Isn’t happiness a lot more?  The meaning of life! Being able to savor life’s depth! The ability to deal with the present!

“Stop!” Pomi shouted.

” What’s wrong?”

” Why do you have to be so complicated. I ask you a simple question and look what  happens. I did not expect a complex answer.”

” What did you expect?”
” A simple ‘yes’. But you have to go on and on and on. The meaning of life. Dealing with the present,” Pomi said flailing his arms.


“I see. Let me ask you then. Are you happy?”

” I was. Until you started dissecting happiness.






I’ll sleep now. Enjoy your day. And be happy.”  Pomi mumbled half to himself and pulled his cap over his face. “Women!”‘ he muttered. Then he fell silent.