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World Heritage

Pomi was sitting on the banister in the hall and he was unusually silent.        “Anything the matter?” “Nope.” “You’re awfully quiet today.” “I’m thinking.” “About what?” “About that.” Pomi pointed to the ceiling.… Continue reading

After Valentine’s Day

“I’m not popular.” Pomi was sitting on the kitchen counter and he looked unhappy.  “What makes you say that? Of course you’re popular.” “I didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day.” “ Neither did… Continue reading


“Where are we going?” “To have breakfast.” “You’re too lazy now to make your own breakfast?” “No, I just can’t be bothered to make yours.” “Thanks.” “Don’t dish it out if you can’t… Continue reading

Pomi in Lübeck

“ Can I come out now?” Pomi climbed out of my bag. “Are we done sightseeing?” “ Did you not enjoy our tour around Lübeck?” “ I don’t know. It was alright I… Continue reading

Memory on the Menu

  Which good memories are better – the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?     “What do you think, Pomi?” “ What I think?… Continue reading

Why Can’t We Be Friends

      Hello!   Who are you?   Are you new here?   Why don’t you answer me? Hello?   Hi?   Do speak English?   Do you speak at all? Let… Continue reading

Patience and “The Finkler Question”

I am getting older but I don’t mind. Or at least I try to convince myself that I don’t. After all, I am still the same person, give and take a few wrinkles.… Continue reading

Eyes to See

    It was a beautiful day, perfect for a long walk so I decided to spend the afternoon in a nearby park, a small nature reserve and I took Pomi with me.… Continue reading

Happy 2014

      ” Well Pomi, the new year is almost here. What are your resolutions for 2014?” ” I don’t have any.” ” Why not?”  ” Because I don’t believe in New… Continue reading

About Christmas

” Christmas is over. Time to take off the Santa hat and put your cap back on.                       You’ve been awfully silent these… Continue reading