Eyes to See




It was a beautiful day, perfect for a long walk so I decided to spend the afternoon in a nearby park, a small nature reserve and I took Pomi with me.

” Put on your jacket and don’t forget your scarf. It’s going to be fun.” I promised and my little crochet guy agreed to hop into my bag but was clearly disappointed when he climbed out again.









” Where is everybody? This place is deserted. Why did you bring me here?”

” I brought you here because I enjoy your company. Not everybody likes to go out on a day like today though. The sun may be shining but it is crisp and it does get dark early. I am glad the park is empty. I love the silence. In spring this place will be packed again so let’s enjoy having it to ourselves now. Look around you! Isn’t it beautiful? Look at the birds!”












“What birds. I don’t see any birds. In fact I don’t see anything interesting. There’s nothing to look at.” Pomi complained.








” You know, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. ”

” Talk to me about what?”  pomiwat867
” About looking. Or should I say staring. About the way you tend to stare at people.”

” What are you worried about? There is nobody here.”

” Staring at people is rude. Very rude actually.”

” I’m a curious guy who takes an interest in the world around him.”

” Which is great, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stare at people the way you do. The way you stared at that woman the other day.”

“The one who took off her shirt in public?”

” Well she did not really take off her shirt. She just wanted to breastfeed her baby.” I tried to explain to Pomi. ” I guess she could have been a bit more discreet about it.”

“I felt offended. I am not used to seeing naked women in public.”

” She was not naked just breastfeeding and that is a natural thing.”

“Curiosity is too. What did you expect me to do?”

” I expected you not to stare.”

” God gave us eyes so we can see.” pomiwat863


” I gave you yours, remember. I should have given you some manners as well.”

” You keep saying that. Who needs eyes anyway if we are not allowed to look at things.” My little crochet guy sounded grumpy.

” It is not what I said.” I objected.

We continued our walk. I enjoyed the winter sun and the silence. Pomi on the other hand did not seem to be having a good time. He trudged along ranting:

” What a boring place. Nothing to see. Nature! Not a single bird anywhere, no frogs, nothing. Not even a fly. What am I doing here?”































” Look over there, Pomi, an egret.” I pointed at a white bird wading in water.


” A what?”

” A cattle egret.”



We observed the bird for several minutes. Then Pomi looked at me with a grin: ” Now who is staring?” pomiwat869