A Day Full of Sunshine

Mid January and there in the garden wearing turquoise Bermudas, his yoga mat tucked under his arm, was Pomi.

” Why don’t you join me?” he offered as soon as he saw me.


” Have you lost your mind, going outside half naked in mid winter?”

” Mid winter maybe but half naked? Certainly not! Would you please take a good look at me, I am perfectly dressed. It is twenty degrees, the sun is shining, therefore the shorts.” My little crochet guy grinned and rolled out his mat.


” It still is winter.” I objected.

” Ok the calendar says January but the sky says something else. April, if you ask me, and a perfect day to be outside.”

” It still is winter.

” I heard you the first time.”

” And in winter…”

“In winter you are not supposed to be outside wearing shorts.” Pomi mimicked me. ” I beg to differ. Just because the calendar says January does not mean that I have to wear warm trousers and a green cardigan. I don’t look at the calendar, I look outside the window instead to see what kind of day it is going to be? Inside the house it is cold, I agree. That’s what it’s like in these parts. Outside it’s lovely though. Which is why I am outside.  But why am I telling you this, you’ve lived here long enough.  So would you like to join me then?”


” I don’t know.”

” Ok, Mrs. Calendar Conscious. Suit yourself. But you’ll have to  excuse me… ”

And with that Pomi began his yoga practice.