Patience and “The Finkler Question”

I am getting older but I don’t mind. Or at least I try to convince myself that I don’t. After all, I am still the same person, give and take a few wrinkles. Ok, I’ve gone up one dress size but my shoe size is still the same. I don’t run as fast as I used to but I walk pretty quick. And I have become more patient. The only thing that bothers me is when I misplace things. No, I don’t lose them, I just forget where I left them. The other day I was running around the house looking for my glasses only to realize they were sitting on my nose. But I am sure that happens to everyone.

Yesterday I was looking for a book. I was certain I had left it on my coffee table, but it was gone.


” Pomiii! Have you seen “The Finkler Question?”

There was no answer. Not only was my book gone, Pomi seemed to have disappeared too. The house was silent. No sign of Pomi. No sign of the book. I searched everywhere. Finally I peeked into my daughter’s former room. Not that I thought Pomi would be in there. Or the book for that matter. My daughter moved out five years ago and the room has been empty since but when I opened the door I saw the light was on and there was my little crochet guy and he had ” The Finkler Question”.


” Oh, there’s my book. I’ve been looking all over for it. Can I have it please?”

Pomi continued to read, undisturbed.


” I want my book!”


” The book! ” I raised my voice.

” Why are you shouting?” Pomi looked up at me. ” I’m not deaf.”


”  You took my book. Give it back please.”

”  Wait. Let me finish this … Such a great … and …” The little nuisance mumbled, engrossed again.

” Pomi!” I was about to lose my temper but then I sat down and looked at my little crochet guy who was all absorbed in the “The Finkler Question”.  Every now and then he emitted a tiny giggle.

He is too cute. And I am a patient lady.