Lost and Found

“What are you doing?”  pomiwat562

” I’m looking for something.”

” What kind of something?”

” The ‘accidently-deleted-files’ kind of something.”

” Oops!” Pomi looks at me, half worried half amused. ” Any luck?”


” Nope.”

” Where are you looking?”

” Google: recovering accidently deleted documents.”  I explain, my eyes darting over the search results that have appeared on the screen of my laptop.

”  You know that …”









” Method 1: Click Start. Step one: type the document name in the Search Bar, press Enter, if you find the document double click it to open it in Word. – I don’t see the document.”

” You know you could…”

” Move on to step two: click Start, type *.doc in the Search Box. Enter. – Nothing!”

” You know there is … ”

”  Yes Pomi, I know there is another way, it says here: click Start, then click Search.


Move aside please, Pomi, you are blocking my view! Then Folders, type the file name, there is a Look In Box, click My Computer, click Search now.

” But if you …”


”  Next. In the Search for Files or Folders bar type *.doc, click…”

” And?”

” Still nothing.”

” I am getting bored.” Pomi has lain down on my keyboard and is doing stretching exercises.


” I know but I need that file back and could you please exercise elsewhere.  Next. If the Search Results box does not contain the file view the…


Pomi looks at me with concern.

” You know what it says here?” I bluster.

Now my crocheted darling grins: “Double click the Recycle Bin. Right-click the document. Restore to return the document to its original location.”


” You knew this?”

” And I tried to tell you. But you were too busy clicking around, searching your external memory. Bad habit. You’ve become forgetful and don’t remember simple things. It’s called ‘the Google Effect’. It’s the reason you didn’t remember the RECYCLE BIN and had to look it up. Soon you may not remember my name. And I’m not sure Google will be able to help you out there. I can’t let that happen. Let me check your Recycle Bin. Is that your document? Kap 26? Great. Restored.


Now you’re staying off the computer for the rest of the day.”

Pomi turns off my laptop. Then he pulls out the power cord













and walks out of the room.

” Have a nice day and don’t forget me Mrs. Web Search.”