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Dank Conditions

” SOS! Help!” Pomi was standing on the stool by the window waving a white flag. ” What are you doing?” ” Throw me a life belt! Water is pouring into the room.”… Continue reading


It was still early. I was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying my morning coffee. Outside the birds were singing. Inside everything was silent. The house was still asleep. Then suddenly… …  there… Continue reading

Where are the Storks?

It was late November  but it felt like August. The day was as dry as desert wind and the sun burned down from the clear blue sky silencing the afternoon. A hot breeze brushed… Continue reading

Mature Content

” You have a new follower!” Pomi announced eagerly. ” Let’s see who it is.” I did not bother to put on my glasses, just clicked on the link and … hastily covered… Continue reading

Green Oranges

“Would you like an orange?”  ” No thank you! Are you sure that’s an orange. It’s green. You shouldn’t have picked it.” ” You know Pomi, a ripe orange does not have to… Continue reading

Pomi Offended

 ” I know you don’t like gadgets but I thought this one was cute and you read a lot so I bought you a book light.” My friend handed me a small package.… Continue reading


” What are you looking at?” ” Olandskizzenbuch. Landscape sketches.” ” Can I take a look? Wow,  beautiful!” ” Aren’t they? ” ” Where is that?” ” The sketches depict the landscape and… Continue reading

Cilantro Angst

” Didn’t you say we’re out of cilantro?” Pomi looked at the bowl of salad I had placed before him. ” I popped down to the greengrocer’s.” ” You didn’t have to!” My… Continue reading

Pomi, Postcards and Postcrossing

” Can I help you Mr. Pomi?” ” I am looking for my cap.”  ” In my chest of drawers?” ” I’ve looked everywhere else.”  ” Darling, that’s my ….”.  Pomi did not… Continue reading


” I’m glad we’re home!” Pomi sighed and stepped out of my bag. ” Was it that bad? ” ” The woman at the next table was annoying. She did nothing but complain.… Continue reading