Mature Content

” You have a new follower!” Pomi announced eagerly.


” Let’s see who it is.” I did not bother to put on my glasses, just clicked on the link and … hastily covered Pomi’s eyes.


” Hey, what are you doing? Let me see!” Pomi tried to struggle himself free from my grip.


” No!”

” Why? Let go of me! I want to see the new follower!”

” Sorry young man. You don’t get to see that!”

” Why not? I decide what I see.”

” No,  my little darling. This is a decision I am making for you.” I closed the laptop.


” It is not fair.”

” Fair or not. The laptop is off limits for you until further notice.”

The phone rang and I hurried downstairs. When I returned to my room a couple of minutes later, Pomi was on my desk, trying to open the laptop and get a glimpse at the screen.


” Well, young man, Didn’t I tell you that you’re not going to see our new follower.”


” Why?”









” Mature content, adult content. And followers cannot be deleted.”

” Really?”

” Yes, really, so would you please leave the laptop alone?”

” Adult content, naked people. And you cannot delete it?” Pomi giggled.


” Well, I am glad you think this is funny. I don’t find it amusing at all.”

” Report it.”


” I will. Right away!”

” So can I see the follower then?” Pomi grinned.

” Pomi!!!”

” Just kidding!”

I reported the incident. Within a couple of hours the site was suspended and my curious crochet doll was back at my laptop surfing the net.