Where are the Storks?

It was late November  but it felt like August. The day was as dry as desert wind and the sun burned down from the clear blue sky silencing the afternoon. A hot breeze brushed my face as I stepped outside. Lying  in the sun there was Pomi.


” It looks like summer is back.” I announced myself.

Pomi turned towards me.


” Maybe. I hate the heat. It makes me feel tired.”

” So why are you out here then?”

” I want to see the birds?”

”  Go inside, turn on the AC and sit by the window. You will see birds. Parakeets, sunbirds, myna birds, bulbuls, and pigeons of course. I even saw a woodpecker the other day, inspecting one of our palm trees.”

” I am not interested in those. I want to see migrating birds.”


” You are actually lying here on the roof looking up into the sky hoping to see a flock of birds fly over? At least go and lie in the shade.”

” Storks. I want to see storks. It is bird migration season. Storks are big and I will be able see them from here. In the shade the plants block the view. I like storks.”


” I wish you luck.”

” Thank you. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I don’t want to miss the crucial moment. Take the cat with you, please.”


Pomi turned his attention to the sky again.  A crow landed noisily on the house antenna and croaked into the silence of the afternoon. I went back inside.

When the sun set Pomi stepped into my room.


” Hello young man! Any luck?”

” Not today. But there’s always tomorrow. There are about 600 000 storks flying through here twice a year. I want to see at least one.”