It was still early. I was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying my morning coffee. Outside the birds were singing. Inside everything was silent. The house was still asleep. Then suddenly…

…  there was Pomi’s little voice. He came running down the hall shouting:

” They’re here! They’re here!”

In the kitchen he stopped.

“They are here!” he panted.


” Calm down my little darling. Who is here?”

” The storks!  They’re here! I knew they’d come! They are headed for this building!”

And an excited little Pomi ran back down the hall and up the stairs and I followed.









” You lost your cap.”

” Leave me alone!” Pomi did not even look at me.


I went to get the camera from my work room. When I stepped outside I saw  a flock of big birds in line formation flying towards us.

” Those are not storks, Pomi, those are cranes.”

Pomi did not hear me, he was clambering up the bougainvillea. The birds came nearer and – flew right over our heads.

” Wooow!” Pomi exclaimed.


I was struggling with the camera. Everything went so fast and before I knew it the birds were already far away.

” Did you take any pictures?”

” I’m not sure.”

” How can you not be sure? Did you press the trigger or not?

” Of course I did, but I’m not sure I managed to capture anything.”

” Let’s find out.” We went inside.


” A disaster.” Pomi complained. ” You wasted a perfectly good opportunity to take some amazing pictures. One can barely make out the birds in the pictures you took. Now we have to wait again.”


” Until they go back to Europe. There won’t be any more birds now, the cranes mark the end of the bird migration season.”

” Why do birds migrate?”

” To avoid the cold winter.”

” Why don’t we migrate to avoid the winter rain?”

” Since when don’t you like rain?”

” Since there’s water coming into this room every time it rains. I am afraid I might drown.”