Dank Conditions

” SOS! Help!”

Pomi was standing on the stool by the window waving a white flag.


” What are you doing?”

” Throw me a life belt! Water is pouring into the room.”













” Would you calm down please. The water isn’t pouring, it’s leaking into the room. Slowly.”

” Oh, you think this is normal?”

rain5” In a way it is. It happens every time the heavy rain starts. I’m not the only one having to deal with this. You can see it everywhere. These buildings are not made for rainy weather and water somehow always makes its way inside.”

” Really? That’s a problem and it needs to be solved. Can’t  you do something about it?”

” The first thing I am going to do is dress you properly. You are at no risk of drowning but if you continue to run around in your summer clothes you will catch cold.”


” It was thirty degrees last week.”
” Yes, it was. But things change. And we have to adjust to changes.”

” Which is why you don’t do anything about the problem and just wipe up the water I suppose.”

” Leave the water problem to me. Look, I made you a new cardigan. Let me help you put it on.”


” Green? Are you trying to turn me into a frog? To fit into this wet place? Look at all that water!”














” The rain will stop soon.”


” And then what? Everything dries and you forget about the problem. Out of sight, out of mind? Until it rains again? Perfectly adjusted,” Pomi mumbled. “I guess I have to adjust too so I am moving up here.” Pomi had tied a cap to the curtain rod and climbed inside.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. I don’t like to get my feet wet.”


” If you don’t like being in this room you can go downstairs, I am going to the supermarket. Do you need anything?”

” A bit of sunshine would be nice,” Pomi peeked at me from his look out.


” Don’t forget to take an umbrella,” he said with a grin.


By the time I left the house the rain had stopped but at the supermarket things had gone slightly out of control. There were buckets everywhere and water was dripping from the ceiling. I took pictures and showed them to Pomi when I got home.





” Mid December somewhere in the Middle East, ” he said dryly. ” Dank conditions.”