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Memory on the Menu

  Which good memories are better – the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?     “What do you think, Pomi?” “ What I think?… Continue reading

Happy 2014

      ” Well Pomi, the new year is almost here. What are your resolutions for 2014?” ” I don’t have any.” ” Why not?”  ” Because I don’t believe in New… Continue reading

Merry Christmas

” So how did you like Nazareth?” ” I had to stay in the bag. How do you think I liked it?” Pomi folded his cardigan. ” You could have come out.” ”… Continue reading


It was still early. I was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying my morning coffee. Outside the birds were singing. Inside everything was silent. The house was still asleep. Then suddenly… …  there… Continue reading

A Guitar for Pomi

Dragging his new friend along Pomi walked into my workroom. ” Oh here it is! We were wondering what had happened to your guitar. Why did you bring it up here? Are you… Continue reading

Happy Birthday

” Candles?” ” Happy birthday to you! How was your day?” ” Ok. ” ” Just ok?” ” Yes, a birthday is not a big deal you know.  Not for me anyway. I… Continue reading


” I’m glad we’re home!” Pomi sighed and stepped out of my bag. ” Was it that bad? ” ” The woman at the next table was annoying. She did nothing but complain.… Continue reading


” We need to buy a camera for me, I want to take pictures.” ” Oh yes, WE! really need to do that. In the meantime:  what are you doing with MY camera?”  … Continue reading


” Look, the moon.  Isn’t it beautiful? I love the moon! Ouch.” Pomi grabbed the back of his neck. ” What happened?” ” I think a mosquito just bit me.” ” Oh really?… Continue reading

Whose Cats

” I don’t like your cats,” Pomi announced the other day hiding behind a row of books. ” I know you don’t but there is nothing to be afraid of and no need… Continue reading