Happy Birthday

” Candles?”

pomiwat649” Happy birthday to you! How was your day?”


” Ok. ”

” Just ok?”

” Yes, a birthday is not a big deal you know.  Not for me anyway. I think from a certain age birthdays stop being all that important. And some people even hate birthdays, they do not want to be reminded they are getting older.” pomiwat648

” I can understand that.”

” So can I, but we all get older. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. There is nothing anyone can do about it.”

” How would you feel if no one congratulated you on your birthday?”


” Kind of sad probably. Sort of forgotten.”

” So it is a big deal for you after all.” pomiwat654

”  I don’t need parties and presents. But I like to receive birthday wishes.”

Pomi smiled.

” May I ask you a question?”

” Of course you may! Go ahead, ask!”

” I don’t know, I’m shy.”

” Pomi, we’ve had this conversation before: you may be many things, shy is not one of them.”

Pomi grinned and looked at me for a while. Finally he said:

” How does it feel to be old?” pomiwat643

” You don’t beat about the bush, do you?”

” You said I could ask! Are you going back on your word.”

” No, it’s just that….”

” Next time you give your ok for something make sure you know what is expected of you. Think first, then answer. How does it feel to be old?”


” I don’t feel old. Or at least not yet. Age is after all really just a number. I feel the same all the time. Sort of ageless I suppose. I don’t feel old, I don’t feel young. I feel the same person all the time, me.”

The way Pomi looked at me I could tell he did not believe a word I said.

” More than half a century! Wooowww!!! ” Pomi’struggled not to burst out laughing. “Do your wrinkles bother you?”

” Everyone gets them eventually.” pomiwat655

” Which does not mean that you have to like yours. I will never get wrinkles.”

” No, but your color will fade, Mr.OneHunderedPercentCotton.”

” I avoid the sun.” pomiwat645

” We are going on a bike tour tomorrow.”

” Sunscreen, long sleeves, a hat! Happy Birthday to you. Many happy returns of the day, and may the wrinkles stay away!”

pomiwat647  ag