” I’m glad we’re home!” Pomi sighed and stepped out of my bag.


” Was it that bad? ”

” The woman at the next table was annoying. She did nothing but complain. Yes, the one with the funny earrings.” pomiwat633

” You’re not supposed to listen in on other people’s conversations.”

” Why not? I didn’t have a choice. She spoke loud enough for those at the back of the room to hear her.” pomiwat640
” I think she was a very unhappy woman.”

” She could have been unhappy a bit more silently. Besides, no matter how sad you are, there is always something to be happy, to be glad about.” pomiwat641

” Is that so?”poimwat636

” Yes of course. Like Pollyanna.”

” Pollyanna?”

” Yes, Pollyanna. She was always happy and found something to be glad about in every situation. Rather annoying if you ask me. She called it the Glad Game.” pomiwat637

” I know, I know! Would you like to play?”

” Do I look like Pollyanna to you?”


”  More like Gretel I’d say.  Tell me, my litte darling, what’s good about being small?”

” I’m not playing the Glad Game!” pomiwat638

” No longer concerned about your height?” pomiwat632

” No. I’m a very happy person. I love being small.” pomiwat634

” You do?”

” Yes, because if I were bigger, would I be cute?”  poiwat631