A New Day

The following day I woke up very early. It was still dark outside but the air was filled with  bird song. They sing louder in the morning, maybe because there are less competing sounds, traffic noise is  low and people are still asleep.  I decided not to get up yet and must have dozed off again.  When I finally woke up  the sun was shining brightly and the dawn chorus had long died down.

I sat up and turned around towards Pomi’s bed. It was empty.  He never slept late. I jumped to my feet, slipped into my dressing gown and went outside. There, sitting in the sun, was Pomi and as soon as he saw me came running towards me.


” Finally you’re up. I’ve got a surprise for you.”  Pomi bent down and picked up a … dartboard.


” Let’s play darts, ” he smiled.

” I thought we should maybe talk about yesterday.”

” Yesterday is the past. Don’t let it take up too much of today. I told you I was fine so come on now, let’s play.”


” I am not good at darts.” I said.

” I will teach you.”

” But. I am not sure if….”

” But? No but!  This is a one time opportunity. The offer is only good today.  Tomorrow I might not be in the mood to teach you. Or anyone else for that matter. The future depends on what you do today. If an opportunity comes your way grab it, don’t  try to hide behind ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.  Think about it. I can play alone. I don’t need you .”

And with that  Pomi mounted the dartboard onto one of the flowerpots.

He played for a while. Then it was my turn.