Gloomy Pomi

” You’re awfully quiet these days, my little darling. What’s going on?” pomiwat615

” Nothing.”

” Are you sure?”


” Yes!”

” But you look sad.”

” I am fine.”

” Is there anything I can do?”

” Yes, there is: leave me alone please.” pomiwat617

I went about my business for a while but after about an hour could not resist to check on Pomi again. He was still lying on the beanbag, staring ahead. pomiwat616

” How about … I make you your favorite salad?”

” Look, that is very kind of you but I’m fine.  Really, so stop nagging, please! ”


” I’m just worried. I’ve never seen you like this.  So serious. What are you… contemplating…the meaning of life?”pomiwat624

” No, I am contemplating the contents of your refrigerator.”

” Well I could…”

” Enough already! Why don’t you get off my case? Here, I am fine, look!” Pomi got up and turned a somersault. ” Happy  now?”


Was I happy? Of course not, but I decided to leave my little darling alone. I grabbed a book and went out into the garden to sit and read but found it impossible to concentrate. Something was obviously going on and I had no idea what it was.