Pomi Offended

pomiwat722 ” I know you don’t like gadgets but I thought this one was cute and you read a lot so I bought you a book light.” My friend handed me a small package.  pomiwat721

“How thoughtful of you!” I said, unwrapped the gift and attached it to some papers on my desk. pomiwat724

pomiwat720 “You’re right, it is cute! Now about the ….”

We drifted into a conversation and when my friend left I realized I had not seen Pomi all morning. My poor little crochet doll, he probably thought I had forgotten all about him. I looked around but I did not see the little chap.

He did not show up for lunch. I started looking everywhere for my little cotton creation but I could not find him. He was not in the house. He was not in the garden either and it was getting dark outside. The cats pretended to know nothing.



While I was contemplating what to do I noticed a light coming from my workroom. Had I left something on again? I opened the door. The light came from behind one of my wicker chairs.


As I came closer I saw my little crocheted darling lying on the floor, placed before him was an open book and my new book light was attached to it.


” Now there you are. I looked everywhere for you. I see you like the book light.”

” Is that what you came here for? To disturb me? Or to search for your reading light?” Pomi looked up from the book.


” No, actually I was looking for you. You missed lunch.”

” I was not hungry.”

” I want to make you dinner.”

” How thoughtful of you.”

” You must be starving. Let’s go downstairs.”

” No, we’re busy.”


” We? ”

” Yes my friend and I. We’re reading your poetry. So if you’ll excuse us, we would like to continue.”


” But what about dinner? Don’t you want to have dinner with me?”

” Oh, now that your friend is gone you remember Pomi? The little crochet guy. Well, I’m afraid he’s busy. Enjoy dinner. On your own.”


” But …” I started to object yet Pomi had turned his attention towards the book again.