While Pomi was …

While Pomi was fast asleep I  finished a few sewing projects and went to bed.

I expected to find him still asleep when I walked into my work room the next morning but the cradle was empty. Where was Pomi?

“Pssst!” I heard a little hissing sound  and turned around  towards the direction the sound had come from. Pomi!  I spotted him peaking out from one of my wicker chairs.


“Be careful!” he whispered.

“Why are you whispering?” I asked.

“Because … look over there!” he pointed towards my desk.

“What is there?”
”  You have eyes? Do you not see? There is a giant snake on your desk.”


“That is not a real snake Pomi, I made it last night. Out of the sleeves that I cut off the tiny bodysuits my grandson wears.”
“Why?” Pomi climbed up the armrest of the wicker chair.


“Why what?”

“Why did you cut off the sleeves?”

“Because the bodysuits  had long sleeves.”
” You bought long sleeved body suits to cut off the sleeves? There is a short sleeved version I believe!”

” Which was expensive.”

“And you are cheap!”

“Thank you Pomi.”
” You are always welcome.” Pomi smiled.

” You could have told me.”

“Told you?”

“That you destroy perfectly intact garments  in order to use the pieces to stitch together scary objects.”

” I did not think it was scary. I actually thought it was a nice idea. Why don’t you take a closer look?”

Pomi ventured towards the lifeless monster and examined it from all sides . Finally he knelt down next to it.


“It does not have a label! You did not sew on a label.” Pomi gave me a reproachful look.

” I know, I wasn’t sure.”

” How do you expect people to know you made this and what are you going to do with your labels? Keep them in the drawer?”

” I don’t know. I thought… maybe…”

” Too much thinking. Let me sew one on.”

And before I knew it Pomi had taken some thread and a needle out of my sewing box.

” You should have done it when you were sewing the pieces together. Adding it now will look odd.”

” So maybe….”

” No maybes.”  Pomi said and started sewing a label on to the sleeve snake,


placing the needle into the fabric and bringing it up through the fabric, pulling each stitch tight. When he was finished he tied off the thread, cut it and looked at me.


“And? And what? ”

” What do I get for helping you?”

” You got the sheets yesterday.”
“That was yesterday. I want something today. I want to write the next post !”