New Sheets

“Ok, I will make new sheets for you.”

“You will make them? Good. I get to choose the fabric! No pink, no red or purple, no flowers, no cartoon characters, no ……”

I started to look for a suitable fabric for my little crocheted friend while he continued listing the colors and patterns that he considered unacceptable. After some serious searching I found a piece of light blue and  brown  plaid fabric.

“What do you think?”

“It’s nice.” Pomi sounded indifferent.

“Would you like the one with the pink and yellow stripes instead?”

“No.” Pomi had climbed on my desk and by means of a thread bobbin  was now clambering up a pile of books.

“OK, you can start.” he said when he was sitting down.


And so I did, to my right Pomi on the pile of books watching me, I started to sew and within half an hour the new sheets were ready.

“Do you want me to help you to put them on?”

“No, I can do it myself.” Pomi jumped off the book pile and hurried down the desk heading for the cradle. He did not look indifferent now.

“Just bring everything here!”


Carefully he made his bed not speaking a single word while  pulling and tugging at the covers.

When he had plumped up the pillow he jumped into the cradle, pulled up the cover and…..


… must have fallen asleep immediately because he did not answer.