When I walked i…

When I walked into my workroom the next morning Pomi was not on my desk where I had left him.  I looked around but  could not see him anywhere.  I let my eyes gaze around the room slowly and finally saw him lying in one of my wicker chairs. Pomi, stretched out on a striped cushion and he appeared  to be fast asleep.

How cute he looked. So tiny. I wanted to tiptoe out of the room again when he turned around.


“Good morning Pomi. Did you sleep well?”


” But you looked very peaceful the way you were sleeping there just now.”


“What’s wrong? ”

“You forgot about me.  You forgot that I need a bed.”

“I did not forget, I just thought that…”

“You just thought that the desk would be good enough for a little guy with olive skin. I know. But it is not. And since we are going to write a blog together I shall be moving in permanently  here which means I will be needing a place to sleep.  A bed!!!”

Pomi looked unhappy. I had obviously hurt his feelings. My little crochet guy was sensitive.

“You know what Pomi, I have an idea.”

Pomi gave me a suspicious look.

” Do you see the rocking cradle over there ?”


” A doll’s rocking cradle.”

“Would you like to sleep in it?”

” In a cradle? Maybe.”

“It was a present from my mother. A Christmas present. When I was a little girl.”

“An antique!” Pomi smiled.

“I love things with historical value.” He smirked.

“You make me feel rather old.”

“You are old!”

“Thanks Pomi!”

“You’re welcome.”

“So what about the cradle? Do you like it?”

“It’s ok, but I am not sure about the sheets. Red roses!”

“What’s wrong with red roses?”

“Red roses are for women!”

“You are wearing a pink shirt.”

“That’s different. I am a metrosexual. I wear pink.”

“Oh Pomi. Can’t you be metrosexual about the red roses?”

“Will I get new sheets?”