“Why don’t yo…

“Why don’t you start a blog?’ my friend Michaela asked me not too long ago. It was a beautiful summer morning and we were having breakfast at her favorite cafe when she once again started to talk about me blogging and how wonderful she thought it would be.

“All the things you do Heike!  You could share that. Your writing, knitting, crochet, your sewing. You really should write a blog.”

“A blog? I cannot write a blog. How would I write a blog?”

Blog. Weblog. One of those web-based journals where one  publishes  thoughts and ideas, opinions and views, preferably one’s own.  ‘Do I want to share my ideas?’ I asked myself repeatedly over the following  weeks.

I was in my workroom sitting at my desk thinking, pondering that same question again  when I heard a little voice.

“Yes, you do!”

I startled. There was no one in the room but myself.

“Yes, you do want to share your ideas!” the voice said again.

I looked around rather alarmed now. Yarns, fabrics, my sewing machine, many books and piles of notebooks. On top of one of those piles sat the little doll I had crocheted the other day. A little guy, olive skin, dark hair, pink shirt and cute face.

“You can’t talk!” I said out loud feeling rather stupid for addressing a doll.

“Oh, of course I can talk or is there anyone else in this room?”

“No, I …”

“You see!” he said climbing down from that pile of notebooks.

I was too surprised to answer.

” Bewilderment doesn’t suit you.  Smile!” my crocheted creation said next. “You do know how to smile, don’t you?”

” Excuse me?!  I think I should have crocheted some manners into you.”

“Why?  May I introduce myself? Pomi! Master of manners.  And to answer your question:  yes, you do want to share your ideas, you are just too shy to do it.”

“Well…! ”

” Well yes! You see! You would love to talk about the things you do but more importantly : I would love to have a blog!”

“You want to have a blog?” Now I was smiling.

” Yes, anything wrong with that?”

I looked at him somewhat amused by  the way he was standing there, small yet full of confidence.

” So when do we start?”

“I don’t know.”
“How about now? There is no time like the present!”

“How about tomorrow because it is already late and I am tired.”