Operation Desert Storm

” Wow, is that a sandstorm coming?” Pomi was on the roof checking the weather.


” No, that is not a sandstorm. It is just very windy and the wind carries a lot of dust today. You should not be out here, the wind might blow you away.”

” I am not afraid.”

”  I know you are not my plucky Pomi but it is not healthy to breathe in all that dust, so run inside!”

” Oh really?” My  health-conscious Pomi said looking startled and he ran back into my workroom. I went downstairs to prepare a salad for him. When I came back Pomi was standing on my desk holding a piece of fabric to his face covering mouth and nose.

pomiwat361” What are you doing?”

” I need something to cover my mouth with.”

” There is no dust in here.”

” Maybe not in here  but outside there is and you said it was not healthy to breathe in dust.”

” That’s right. I said that. But wait a minute. What is that fabric you’re holding in your hand?”











” I don’t know.  I found it in your cupboard. There was a big piece. I just cut off as much as I needed.” pomiwat367








” You cut off as much as you needed?  That was a curtain!!!”

” Oh really?” Pomi looked at the piece of fabric in his hand.









“I cut off very little. No one will notice.” He smiled.

” What do you need it for anyway.”

” I need to go outside.”


” Not now as long as there is all that dust blowing.”

” But I have to save that little snail. Over there, you see?  Operation Desert Storm!” Pomi  shouted and ran outside.



” Come back here young man. Now!!! Before the wind blows you away. I will save the snail for you.”

Which I did. Not that is needed saving but Pomi could have easily gotten blown off the roof.
” Happy now? ”  I asked my little crochet darling showing him the lucky crawler.












” Yes, very happy. Was this not worth a hole in your curtain? ” Pomi grinned.


” I am not sure about the hole in the curtain but it sure was worth your smile.”